Tesla adds Apple Podcasts in Holiday Update 2023

Ivan, 08 December 2023

Tesla announced that its 2023 Holiday Update will roll out to supported models and countries next week and detailed the changes.

One of the major ones is Apple Podcasts support - something that was rumored. Apple Podcasts is a key Apple CarPlay app that's making the move to Tesla (which famously doesn't support CarPlay). Keep in mind that while support for Apple Podcasts will come, drivers will still need to pay $10 a month for Tesla's Premium Connectivity package to enjoy the podcasts app.

Other changes with the 2023 Holiday Update include the ability to change the car's lock sound - options include a rubber ducky, a jingle, an old school horn, applause, a screaming goat, and more. You'll be able to play games on the rear touchscreen and it will also get Bluetooth headset support.

Tesla's app will get a trip planner with multi-stop trip support, while the navigation will now show speed cameras, stop signs, and traffic lights.

Tesla adds Apple Podcasts in Holiday Update 2023

The car will make an automatic 911 call if an accident has triggered the airbags. The left and right pillar cameras will be added to the vehicle surroundings view in the Tesla app, and there's a new High Fidelity Park Assist 3D view.

Tesla employees already have the 2023 Holiday Update and it will roll out to other drivers next week.



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Exactly i was thinking the same.

I would buy Tesla 3 LR in a heartbeat if it was not as bad when it comes to UX. I mean there are just so many driver unfriendly things in that car ... like stocks, speedo, no beepers, no radar in foggy situations, bad controls for AC etc. Such a ...

  • Anonymous

Maybe buying woul add littile bit of trust



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