Tesla Cybertruck range test reveals some surprises

Max McDee, 24 February 2024

The Tesla Cybertruck, from its headline-grabbing (and window-smashing) reveal to its years of delays, has become an emblem of Tesla's outlandish ambition. Love it or hate it, there's no denying its ability to generate publicity, unlike any traditional pickup. But behind the hype, one key question has always lingered: how far can this sci-fi-inspired behemoth actually travel on a single charge?

Now, thanks to Edmunds and their trusted real-world EV range test, we're finally getting some hard numbers. They tested a privately owned dual-motor Cybertruck Foundation Series, equipped with all-terrain tires. Unfortunately, the official EPA range estimate still isn't public, so this independent assessment fills a crucial information void for potential buyers.

Tesla Cybertruck range test reveals some surprises

The results? Edmunds measured a range of 334 miles for the dual-motor Cybertruck. That’s a big surprise - Tesla itself estimates that the Foundation Series on those knobby tires should run out of juice after 318 miles. It seems Tesla, after exaggerating the range of its cars for years, decided to go the other way with its range estimates, and rather than being optimistic, joined the conservative crowd (not the political one of course).

Beyond the headline range figure, the Edmunds test reveals intriguing insights into the Cybertruck's efficiency. Despite its unconventional shape, the Tesla proved slightly less efficient than competitors like the Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T. Cybertruck used 45.1 kWh of energy per 100 miles, Ford ended up with 43.7 kWh and Rivian 42.3 kWh. While a few miles difference in range may seem trivial, those numbers add up over time. This suggests that the truck's focus on edgy, futuristic design does come with an aerodynamic cost - despite Tesla’s claims of Cybertruck having better Cd than its competitors.

Tesla Cybertruck range test reveals some surprises

So, what does this all mean for the Cybertruck’s place in the growing electric truck landscape? Currently, it seems to offer a competitive range but falls behind rivals in maximum miles per charge. For buyers prioritizing ultimate efficiency or maximum workhorse capabilities, other electric trucks may prove more appealing.

However, it's important to remember this is merely the first chapter of the Cybertruck story. Future model variations, including the highly anticipated tri-motor Cyberbeast, may offer far more range. Plus, potential software updates and range-boosting features could change the game entirely. And if range is the main focus, then Cybertruck has a trick up its sleeve - an additional, albeit pricey, battery pack that mounts in the truck bed and promises to extend the range to 500 miles.

Tesla Cybertruck range test reveals some surprises

Whether destined to be an automotive revolution or a bold yet niche experiment, the Cybertruck is undeniable proof that the world of electric vehicles is becoming more fascinating – and more diverse – by the day. It's a reminder that while hard data matters, in the EV world, spectacle and sheer audacity still have a seat at the table.


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