Tesla enhances camera quality in HW3 vehicles through latest OTA update

Max McDee, 09 October 2023

Tesla's reputation for continuous improvements is well-founded, particularly when it comes to software. This time, the automaker from Austin has turned its attention to camera quality. Those driving Hardware 3 (HW3) Teslas are in for a treat with the introduction of a new software upgrade that improves camera quality.

Recently, Tesla owner @efieber_andre took to platform X to spotlight what he dubbed a “game changer” - the 2023.32.4 software update. Prior to this update, drivers had bemoaned a camera feed riddled with overly saturated visuals, an odd red hue, and generally poor quality when the lighting was less than ideal. Yet, this latest software revision has delivered dramatic improvement. The visuals are now sharp, the colors closer to what the human eye perceives, and the vexing blur is as good as gone.

Tesla's cameras aren’t just for catching scenic sunsets or cityscapes. They are integral to the functionalities of Tesla's Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) features.

It’s worth noting that some of the FSD beta testers had already noticed enhanced side-repeater camera quality in their HW3 vehicles. Although there's a lack of clarity regarding which specific models are in line for the upgrade or when the rollout will conclude, anecdotal accounts suggest that certain Model X and Model 3 owners are already reaping the benefits.

Last August Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that HW4 cars will be trailing HW3 by at least half a year when it comes to software development. This suggests that the newest Tesla models might have to patiently wait their turn before they can match the driving assistance capabilities of their older siblings.


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