Tesla Investor Day on March 1 to be the most significant in years

Max McDee, 25 February 2023

The world is used to Elon Musk hyping up even the smallest things and creating a buzz around Tesla. Some may argue that he’s done a disservice to his company since many legal issues facing Tesla all revolve around the hype that borders on misrepresentation. But once in a while, when Elon goes quiet and other sources start putting facts together which point to a major announcement - the world sits up and listens.

What is happening then? Good, hard working people at Teslascope put together all the recent leaks and all the inside information they have access to and realized that something big is coming. Their Twitter posts are probably the longest you have ever seen but are full of real nuggets and put all the recent developments in a different perspective.

Teslascope confirms that Tesla Model 3 and Model Y redesign is happening, the recent cars we have seen driving around with their front and rear covered are exactly that. We have the clearest confirmation yet that, just as we expected, the production of Hardware 4 is already underway. What’s more, the vehicles currently leaving the factory feature upgraded cameras, just as we saw it on the recently spotted Model X and Model S.

Next up is the FSD Beta V11 and it is coming within days! Apparently engineers are working flat out to have the latest software pushed to the vehicles before the Investor Day which leaves very little time indeed. We can expect the social media to start blowing up within a day or two with all the posts about - hopefully - vastly improved FSD.

There is more information about the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y redesign. Apart from the upgraded hardware, there are some changes to the exterior and the interior as well. That’s quite an unusual step for Tesla which claims it does not redesign its vehicles but the changes may be minor. One thing that is sure, bothe the Model 3 and Model Y are getting new side mirrors and a new tr-band GPS which removes the need for a separate temperature sensor.

Finally, the good people at Teslascope close their lengthy thread with a bang - apparently Elon Musk is getting ready to make a most significant announcement in years during the Investor Day. This obviously sparked a lot of discussions, what could it be? It’s not the Cybertruck production because that’s still off for a while plus we know it’s coming so it’s not that significant.

Is Tesla Model 2 officially going to be announced? Is Elon Musk leaving Tesla? Is Tesla going to cut prices even more? Wishful thinking but highly unlikely that last one, Tesla may be done with price cuts for a while. Is it something to do with Tesla’s mining operations? The questions just keep coming - what do you think? Let us know in the comments and in just a few short days we’ll know who was right.



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Elon may announce the Tesla Model E.


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