Tesla unveils Stealth Grey color option for Model S and Model X

Max McDee, 27 October 2023

Tesla introduced a new paint shade for its Model S and Model X vehicles: Stealth Grey. While many may argue that it's just a color, Tesla cars are rather limited in terms of color selection, so it's a significant improvement.

As a premium carmaker, Tesla's color palette for its vehicles has been notably limited. We are often reminded of the famous statement attributed to Henry Ford regarding the Model T: "You can have it in any color you want so long as it is black." Quite a stark choice, wasn't it?

Model X in Stealth Grey Model X in Stealth Grey

The reason behind this stringent color choice is efficiency. Tesla's choice to limit its paint options was not borne out of a lack of creativity, but rather a focus on streamlining production. During its early days, especially when launching new models, Tesla faced challenges in ramping up production. By limiting paint choices, the company streamlined the manufacturing process and boost output.

Recently, as Tesla expanded its factories it is able to display a more colorful side, pun intended. In fact Stealth Grey is the second color option it's adding this year.

All color options are now included in the price of both Model S and Model X All color options are now included in the price of both Model S and Model X

For those who have an eye for detail, Stealth Grey might come across as a darker sibling of the Midnight Silver, a shade that recently became the new standard color for the Model 3 and Model Y. This new shade doesn't cost extra - Tesla doesn't charge extra for the Model S and Model X optional colors.



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