The BMW i7 accounted for 43% of all 7 Series sales last month

Ro, 16 February 2023

A German market analysis for January shows that users looking to buy luxury cars are steadily moving over to EVs. The case is highlighted by BMW's latest 7 Series. About 43% of all 7 Series sales in January are of the fully-electric i7 variant. Perhaps that may not be surprising to some, given that last year Tesla was the top-selling luxury car brand. Although, it's a bit of a stretch to compare Model S and Model X to BMW's 7 Series or Mercedes' EQS.

The BMW i7 variant accounts for 43% of all 7 Series sales last month

In any case, the i7 was well-received by reviewers and it's arguably the best version in the family due to its extremely smooth powertrain as well as the smooth drive that's intrinsic to EVs.

The second most sought-after variant was the 740d, which is the diesel-powered version. That's hardly a surprise since it's the cheapest version to get and run. The more intriguing part is that the i7 is actually the most expensive iteration of them all.

Of all ICE-powered 7 Series, the plug-in hybrid took just 15% of the share in January.

It's important to keep in mind that this could just be a blip on the radar, as BMW's stats are from January only. Or it could be a start of a trend. We will see as the months go by.

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