The Kia EV5 GT leaks ahead of launch

Ro, 19 April 2024

The GT version of the Kia EV5 was announced last year and it seems it's already time for the high-performance configuration to hit the market. But before the official unveiling, the Kia EV5 GT stopped by the Chinese MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) for its certification papers.

The Kia EV5 GT leaks ahead of launch

As usual, the listing on the MIIT's website is quite revealing and in addition to the images, we have the hardware inside. The EV5 GT is equipped with two electric motors - one mounted on the front and one at the rear. The front produces 215 hp, whereas the rear one adds another 98 hp for a total of 313 hp.

The Kia EV5 GT leaks ahead of launch

Since this is an AWD version, it weighs more than the standard variant - 4,916 lb vs. 4,123 lb. But we still don't know anything about the battery. We suspect it will sharethe EV5 Long Range AWD's 88.1 kWh pack.

The exact release date of the vehicle is yet unknown, but by the looks of it, it's fast approaching. The company also plans to introduce an EV9 GT, but we haven't got the details on that one yet.

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