Toyota signs Huawei to help accelerate smart driving development

Max McDee, 08 April 2024

Toyota inside sources reveal that the automotive giant is integrating a system developed jointly with Huawei and Momenta into its global vehicles. It will bring a renewed push towards enhanced safety and increased automation.

The collaboration will sees Huawei provide the hardware backbone, and Momenta will contribute the software. Toyota will retain control over the user experience, making the final adjustments and controlling the integration.

Future Toyota models will use Huawei's ADAS tech Future Toyota models will use Huawei's ADAS tech

The partnership aims to improve driver-assist technologies and eventually elevate Toyota's lineup to higher levels of autonomy. An official announcement is anticipated at the upcoming Beijing Auto Show, a major industry event returning after a four-year break due to the pandemic.

Toyota previously partnered with Huawei on smart cockpits and connected vehicle systems. The Japanese maker also backed Momenta's Series C funding, which explains why the company is keen to use its technology.

Toyota is jumping on self-driving bandwagon Toyota is jumping on self-driving bandwagon

For Toyota, increasing its footprint in the Chinese market is crucial. Currently, it offers the bZ3 and bZ4X EVs in this region, but neither is doing particularly well. Embracing advanced smart driving systems has the potential to redefine Toyota's image as a technologically savvy automaker, which is crucial for bolstering competitiveness in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle market.



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  • Inthebin

Considering how amazing the Huawei tech is in China right now, including how nice their cars are in general this would be quite the boon for Toyota. I'd never consider one of their current cars as the tech is abysmal right now, with Huawei...

  • Anonymous

just like how you get pathetically mad at huawei sis

I love how you enjoy not having a conversation, but being just plain and simple mad at someone :-D I will provide you a little last help with that ... I am certainly not American.



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