Volkswagen introduces new exit warning system

Ro, 08 December 2023

Volkswagen announced a new safety feature dubbed exit warning system. It will come as standard for the ID.7, the new Passat and the new Tiguan. These cars come with all the hardware needed for the feature to work, whereas the Golf, ID.4 and the ID.5 can have it as an option.

Volkswagen introduces a new exit warning system

Depending on the model, the feature works in a slightly different way. The ID.7, in particular, scans the area by using the radar sensors mounted on its rear bumper. Once a road user approaches, the car warns the passengers not to open the doors by flashing an LED light on the exterior side mirror. And in case the passengers tries to open the door, the door will have a timeout and won't open for a short while. There's also a warning sound if someone opens the door, after all, and another road user passes by.

The feature is particularly useful when a cyclist is passing by the car and it's always active within 3 minutes after parking the vehicle.

The system works similarly on the Passat and the Tiguan, but since these cars use mechanical door handles, the opening delay isn't available.

On the ID.4 and ID.5, the exit warning system flashes the LED light on the side mirrors only when there's immediate danger. Otherwise, it works the same way as on ID.7.



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TBH, my car has it was well. Pretty much every car with blind spot monitoring is capable of this feature ... it only depends on software.

  • Anonymous

My Genesis already has it. Whats new in this and if this is a new feature for VW, it is still not a news.



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