Volkswagen unleashes ChatGPT-powered IDA voice assistant

Max McDee, 21 June 2024

Volkswagen announced the arrival of ChatGPT to its new-generation infotainment system. This cutting-edge artificial intelligence is now available across its electric ID. family and in the latest Golf, Tiguan, and Passat models.

ChatGPT will be integrated into the backend of Volkswagen's IDA voice assistant, so drivers can engage in natural language conversations, turning their vehicles into intelligent companions. Drivers are promised easy access to information on tourist attractions, sports trivia, or even get help solving complex math problems, all while keeping their eyes on the road. Because we all do complex math problems while we drive.

Volkswagen unleashes ChatGPT-powered IDA voice assistant

Kai Grunitz, Volkswagen's Board Member for Development, proudly proclaims the company's dedication to making advanced technology accessible to a wide audience. By integrating ChatGPT into their vehicles, Volkswagen is empowering drivers with AI capabilities previously reserved for tech enthusiasts.

Volkswagen's IDA voice assistant already provides drivers with control over infotainment, navigation, and climate systems. However, the addition of ChatGPT promises to take IDA's capabilities to new heights. Now, drivers can ask complex questions, engage in conversations, and receive accurate, enabled by the knowledge and language processing power of ChatGPT.

Volkswagen unleashes ChatGPT-powered IDA voice assistant

Existing VW Connect/VW Connect Plus users don't need any additional access or apps. A simple "Hello IDA" or a press of the steering wheel button activates the assistant. Volkswagen ensures data privacy by anonymizing and immediately deleting queries that are forwarded to ChatGPT. This prevents the AI from accessing sensitive vehicle data and maintains user confidentiality.

The system currently supports five languages: English (US and UK), Spanish, Czech, and German. This multilingual capability is made possible through a partnership with Cerence Inc, a leading automotive AI solutions provider.

Volkswagen unleashes ChatGPT-powered IDA voice assistant

Did anybody ask the drivers, though, if that's what they need? Many would have been happy with an infotainment that actually works, a satnav that does not get lost, and an EV that drives as many miles as VW promised it would. Do we really need to have a conversation with our car now? Sure, it works in Star Trek, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the doors weren't leaking or opening mid-flight on the USS Enterprise. And the aircon controls came with a backlight. So, now we have ChatGPT to argue with while we tape the door down, all while freezing our bits off because we can't find the heater controls in the dark. Good call, VW.



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I find the feature pretty cool. I was always very frustrated, having to park my car to solve my complex math problems. Finally I can do it on the go!

  • User. Hi.

** On Steering "Hey ChatGPT, Tell me a Joke" - CharGPT proceeds to tell man Joke. *FORGETS HE'S DRIVING AND CRASHES! 💀



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