Volkswagen's German EV production halted amid motor shortage

Max McDee, 09 November 2023

Volkswagen has hit yet another bump on its electric vehicle journey. The company has announced a temporary halt in EV production at its Zwickau plant in Germany, attributing it to a shortage of electric motors. This news comes on the heels of a similar production halt at Volkswagen's Dresden site last month, highlighting the challenges the auto giant faces in its transition to electric mobility.

The Zwickau plant, Volkswagen's largest EV production site in Europe, plays a pivotal role in the company's ambitious electric plans. In 2018, Volkswagen invested nearly $1.3 billion to transform this plant for electric model production. However, the current shortage of e-motors has led to a pause in the production of several models, including the Audi Q4 e-tron (and its Sportback variant) as well as the Volkswagen ID.4 and ID.5. For now, the VW ID.3 and Cupra Born models remain unaffected.

Volkswagen's German EV production halted amid motor shortage

Despite these production challenges, it's essential to note that Volkswagen's electric car deliveries rose by 45% in the first nine months of the year. However, the company's Chief Financial Officer, Arno Antilitz, revealed a significant drop in EV orders in Europe - down to 150,000 from last year's 300,000. The company attributed this to factors like higher interest rates and reduced subsidies, impacting demand for Volkswagen's EVs.

Tesla, a leading player in the EV market, has put additional pressure on its competitors, including Volkswagen. With its Model Y becoming the best-selling car in September, Tesla's aggressive pricing strategy and high production volumes are reshaping market dynamics. While Europe remains a stronghold for Volkswagen's EV sales, accounting for 61% of its electric models sold through September, the company faces stiff competition and potential market share loss in China until new models are introduced.

Volkswagen's German EV production halted amid motor shortage

It's crucial to view Volkswagen's production pause in the broader context of the EV market. While some may interpret this as a sign of dwindling EV demand, the reality is more nuanced. Factors such as higher interest rates and Tesla's market maneuvers are reshaping the landscape, presenting challenges and opportunities for major automakers.

As Volkswagen navigates these turbulent waters, its commitment to electric mobility remains steadfast. The temporary production halt, while a setback, is part of the broader journey towards a more sustainable automotive future. With new models on the horizon and a significant investment in electric technology, Volkswagen is gearing up to reclaim its position in the EV market.


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