VW Group to sell Bugatti and Rimac vehicles in the US

Max McDee, 22 September 2023

Volkswagen Group of America has inked an intriguing deal with Bugatti Rimac, aiming to import and distribute these extraordinary brands in the United States. This move signifies a potent strategy to infiltrate the robust American market with vehicles that are nothing short of engineering marvels.

This pivotal agreement, coming as a surprise to many, was actually forged during the Monterey Car Week earlier in September. However, the formal announcement came as a relatively late revelation from Volkswagen Group, adding an air of suspense to the proceedings. Sascha Doering, who’s already steering the ship at Bugatti America as the Chief Operating Officer, will now don a dual hat, expanding his role to embrace Rimac.

VW Group to sell Bugatti and Rimac vehicles in the U.S.

The United States represents a golden goose for both Bugatti and Rimac, serving as their strongest single market globally. Hence, it's hardly a surprise that the companies are rolling up their sleeves to craft a meticulous dealer network across the nation. Mate Rimac, the CEO at the helm of Bugatti Rimac, emphasized the necessity of curating a sales and ownership experience that mirrors the exceptional nature of the vehicles they're placing in the hands of customers.

A glance into the past reveals that the Volkswagen Group of America wasn’t a stranger to Bugatti distribution in the US. However, the landscape shifted with the birth of the Bugatti Rimac joint venture in 2021. The venture set its roots in Croatia, with Bugatti continuing its production endeavors in Molsheim, France. Notably, Porsche holds a significant stake in the company, owning 45 percent and an additional 24 percent of Rimac alone.

VW Group to sell Bugatti and Rimac vehicles in the U.S.

Rimac is not just tiptoeing into the market; it has already delivered at least three of its Nevera models in the United States. The inaugural model, coated in Gunpowder Gray with a pearlescent finish and boasting Gunmetal Infinitus shaded wheels, is a testament to the company’s intricate attention to detail. Inside, the vehicle is a sanctuary of Alcantara with vivacious green highlights. The company’s vision, as voiced by Chief Technology Officer Emilio Scervo, is to lighten the load of future models, enhancing connectivity and delivering an unrivaled driving experience.

On the other side of the spectrum, Bugatti is meticulously sculpting a new model, with the covers set to be lifted in 2024 and deliveries commencing in 2025. Described by Mate Rimac as a “hypercar rearranged as a hybrid”, this masterpiece is speculated to have a combustion engine portion that is, in his words, “totally bonkers.” Rumors swirl that a select group of affluent potential owners have already been treated to a sneak peek of this automotive wonder.

In the grand tapestry of electric vehicles, this union between Volkswagen Group and Bugatti Rimac is a fascinating brushstroke. With a focus on delivering vehicles that are the epitome of luxury and performance, they’re set to navigate the competitive American terrain with a blend of elegance and power. The journey ahead promises a riveting ride, and it remains to be seen how the market responds to these electrifying newcomers.



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