Want your Cybertruck now? That’ll be $135,000

Max McDee, 07 December 2023

Tesla has extended an intriguing offer to Cybertruck reservation holders. The automaker is allowing customers to configure the Foundation Series trucks, which come with a hefty price tag starting at over $120,000 and reaching well above $135,000. And if you place an order for one of these obscenely trucks, there's a chance you could have it in your driveway in time for Christmas.

The Foundation Series Cybertruck, limited to just 1,000 units, got Tesla enthusiasts excited quite a bit. Apparently, the inspiration behind the name choice was drawn from the science fiction book series authored by Isaac Asimov. Elon Musk himself has expressed his admiration for the Foundation Series, considering it one of his favorites. The books were an inspiration for the Apple TV series under the same title.

These trucks come with an array of premium features, including limited-edition laser-etched badging, premium accessories, charging equipment with Powershare home backup hardware, all-terrain tires and Full Self Driving (FSD) capability. The catch is that deliveries have already commenced in just two states, California and Texas, with plans to expand to "more states in 2024."

This exclusive configuration of the Cybertruck comes with a hefty price tag of $122,135 after accounting for destination fees and a $250 order fee. Once you add registration fees and taxes, the total climbs to a rather spicy $135,000. And that's just the base cost; additional options like the $15,000 range extender can significantly drive up the final price. It's essential to weigh these costs against the benefits and features you'd be getting with the Foundation Series.

While this opportunity may be tempting for die-hard Tesla fans and those who want to be among the first to own this futuristic electric truck, they will certainly be paying a hefty premium for early access and limited-edition perks.

As with any new Tesla offering, there's a fair amount of excitement in the air. The limited-edition Foundation Series Cybertruck undoubtedly has its unique appeal, featuring special 3-headed Cyberbeast badging and even Elon Musk's civilization collapse warnings. Would you take it if given the chance?


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