Wuling's upcoming city-friendly Bingo specs and pictures appear online

Ro, 12 January 2023

Wuling is rapidly expanding its portfolio of city-friendly cars and the Bingo EV is joining it before the end of this quarter. The car just got certified by the MIIT in China, revealing that it's bigger than the the Mini EV with 3,950/1,708/1,580mm dimensions and a 2,560mm wheelbase.

Wuling Bingo Wuling Bingo Wuling Bingo Wuling Bingo
Wuling Bingo

The report includes a few photos of the vehicle, giving us a better look at the Bingo than before. And the key specs too. The car will come in two versions - one with 17.3kWh battery and 30kW motor and the other with a 31.9kWh power pack and 50kW peak output.

Top speed is 100 km/h for both models. The curb weight of the vehicle is 1,120 kg, about 200 kilos more than the Mini EV.

Wuling Bingo Wuling Bingo Wuling Bingo
Wuling Bingo

The Bingo;s two versions will have an estimated range of 203km and 333km. Configurations are expected to fit within the CNY 70,000 ($10,400) and CNY 100,000 ($14,900) price range, though we'll have to wait for the final announcement to know the exact figures.



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