Xiaomi SU7 interior revealed

Max McDee, 10 February 2024

Beijing Auto Show is only months away and the Xiaomi SU7 will undoubtedly be one of the stars of the show, but the closer we get to the date, the more details become available. The SU7 was officially unveiled last December, but until now Xiaomi managed to keep the interior under wraps - that changes today.

Xiaomi SU7 interior revealed

First official images of the SU7’s interior have been released, together with the design progress work and the biggest surprise is the presence of physical buttons. It appears Xiaomi has been paying close attention to feedback from many EV owners, and the lack of buttons or haptic-feedback switches tends to be on top of the complaints list. That’s why it’s not always a good idea to be first to the market - Xiaomi took its sweet time with the SU7, but the finished product looks like it’ll tick a lot of boxes.

In the first image, we immediately notice the flat-bottomed steering wheel, with tactile switches and two round controllers on each side of the wheel. The center screen is horizontal, similar to the ones in Tesla vehicles, while the center console design has some Nio and XPeng vibe to it. A neat row of toggle switches, just under the driver's right hand, is responsible for aircon, ride height, and rear wing spoiler adjustment, with the Start/Stop button sitting atop. Neat solution and a welcome one at that.

Behind the steering wheel, there’s an instrument cluster with a 56” HUD displaying all important info just ahead of the driver. The center console sits quite high as well, and together with the low dashboard and wrap-around doors, create a cocoon-like feeling for the driver and front passenger. Visibility forward appears to be excellent, with the windshield sitting really low and both pronounced front fenders clearly marking the edges of the car. That one detail is a classic sports car design and it just shows how much attention to detail Xiaomi has paid.

Together with the official photos, we got the design renders as well, showing the progress Xiaomi made from a sketch to the actual vehicle. We get a closer look at the front seats which are single shells with fixed headrests, with high side bolsters and deep backrests, and raised side bolsters as well - these are clearly sports seats, yet again indicating Xiaomi is after a very specific customer for its first electric car.

The SU7 is shaping up as a proper driver’s car, with a driver-centric interior, sports seats offering low sitting position, low dashboard providing an expansive view forward flanked by the curved front fenders- if that reminds you of Porsche Taycan, it’s not an accident.

At the same time the interior was revealed, Xiaomi shared yet another video from its winter testing sessions in north China. This time though, this is a complete marketing video, without any camouflage vehicles - this seems to be SU7’s first official advert. You may wanna turn down the volume if you’re not a fan of rock music.

CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, is promising that deliveries will start in the first half of this year. We are most likely looking at April, just after the Beijing Auto Show. The company is ramping up production to make sure the waiting list isn’t going to put off any prospective buyers. Unofficial sources claim the SU7 will start at RMB 300,000 ($42,000) for the entry-level 295 hp model, and will go up to RMB 361,400 ($50,800) for the 673 hp Max version.


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1) Why would they care about what happened in Germany in December 2023? This is likely a China only EV and if moving outside of China, Scandinavia is likely the next market. Also, 2023 as a whole ended on a 11.4% growth in the BEV market. 2) Cha...

Said a person never drove a Tesla, it drives like a chair on a rocky road :) and the build quality is .. mamma miya !



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