Zeekr teases 009 Guanghui - new ultra-luxorious MPV

Max McDee, 10 April 2024

Luxury and exclusivity are set to collide in the electric vehicle market as Zeekr, the premium EV arm of Geely, prepares to unveil a new flagship. The latest member of Zeekr's growing electric car lineup – the Zeekr 009 Guanghui – aims to redefine luxury in the MPV segment.

Zeekr 009 Guanghui - new ultra-luxe flagship MPV

Set to debut on April 19th, the Guanghui (Brilliance in English) will stand apart as Zeekr's sixth official model, rather than being just a top-trim in the 009 lineup and carrying a significant air of importance. While Zeekr already boasts a diverse range of EVs, including the popular Zeekr 001, the new Zeekr 007, the sleek Zeekr 009 MPV, the compact Zeekr X, and the upcoming Zeekr Mix, the Guanghui is positioned to surpass them all in terms of extravagance.

The key to Guanghui's jaw-dropping exclusivity lies in the rear seats. Zeekr boasts that the model features two individual rear seats valued at an astounding RMB 500,000 ($72,000) each. Images released by the automaker tease a private, partition-separated compartment lined with plush materials and what appears to be a massive entertainment display.

Zeekr 009 Guanghui - new ultra-luxe flagship MPV

While details about the new model are sparse, it's understood that the Guanghui builds upon the existing Zeekr 009 MPV platform. This proven foundation delivers impressive performance thanks to a powerful dual-motor configuration producing 536 horsepower and 506 lb-ft of torque. This translates to a surprisingly brisk 0-62 mph sprint in a mere 4.5 seconds, defying expectations for a large luxury MPV.

Size-wise, the Guanghui's dimensions likely mirror those of the standard Zeekr 009. This spacious MPV measures in at 204.7 inches long and offers a generous wheelbase of 126 inches, ensuring ample space for both passengers and cargo.

Zeekr 009 Guanghui - new ultra-luxe flagship MPV

The Guanghui is expected to inherit its siblings' cutting-edge battery technology and driver assistance suite. This includes an available 140-kWh Qilin battery pack from CATL, providing a range of up to 511 miles. Additionally, the advanced Mobileye system offers a high level of driver assistance for added safety and convenience.

Pricing for the Zeekr 009 Guanghui remains a mystery, but with individual seats worth more than most luxury cars, expect an equally luxurious price tag. The standard Zeekr 009 starts at RMB 500,000 ($72,000), suggesting the Guanghui will easily surpass the six-figure mark.


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