Updated AITO M5 debuts with Huawei DATS tech

Max McDee, 27 July 2023

As the Chinese EV market slowly reaches boiling point, one model is turning heads without making wallets tremble: the AITO Wenjie M5 just got a refresh. The "standard" version is now priced at a reasonable RMB 249,800 ($35,00), a savings of RMB 30,000 ($4,200) compared to the Smart Driving edition. Pre-sale deals are also available, reducing the cost by an additional RMB 10,000 ($1,400).

The "standard" M5 comes in two models: rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. Regardless of the chosen model, AITO is promising an EV loaded with features and with a smooth driving experience.

AITO Wenjie M5 - more bang for your buck with Huawei DATS tech

New lights? Check. The M5 now boasts lenses rather than the old-school reflective bowl, offering a more powerful beam for those nighttime adventures. Plus, the car's overall drag coefficient has been improved. Pair this with an improved thermal efficiency range extender (a 1.5T engine), and you've got an EV with very long range. Drive from Shanghai to Beijing on a single tank of petrol - or 904 miles - how's that for efficiency? Although, as usual - a pinch of salt or two is required here, these are CLTC numbers.

The M5 is not just about external improvements; the interior has received some love too. Say goodbye to juggling cups with the improved double-cup holder design. And for those who live on their smartphones, rejoice: the M5 features dual 40W super wireless fast charging.

Comfort during long drives is crucial, and the M5 has you covered. With a seat cushion that boasts a high-resilience sponge at double the thickness, your backside will be thanking you.

AITO Wenjie M5 - more bang for your buck with Huawei DATS tech

The car's brain is the Huawei-provided Harmony Cockpit 3.0. Its seamless operation, user-friendly interface, and intelligence make it one of the best in the business.

Huawei didn't just stop at software. The M5 features an all-aluminum alloy chassis and Huawei's self-developed HUAWEI DATS (Dynamic Adaptive Torque System). The HUAWEI DATS reduces response delay to a mind-boggling 4ms. Compared to the delay of traditional fuel vehicles and other EVs (400ms and 100ms, respectively), the HUAWEI DATS is lightning fast.

The system follows a three-step process: first, it senses road surface changes via the motor resolver sensor. Next, it calculates the torque, adjusting intelligently in milliseconds. Finally, it fine-tunes the millisecond-level torque output to reduce forward impact sensation. The system's response time and ability to adapt to changing road conditions apparently bring a new level of comfort and control to the driving experience.

AITO Wenjie M5 - more bang for your buck with Huawei DATS tech

For the cherry on top, the M5 features smart parking. It can identify regular parking spaces and supports a remote parking function for 110 parking situations, including those pesky ultra-narrow spots.

The AITO M5 delivers a compelling package of advanced tech and optimized design at a price that doesn't require a second mortgage. It seems the race for affordable and smart EVs just got more interesting, at least in China. We just have to stick to our trusty overpriced VWs and the occasional ray of sunshine in the form of ORA Funky Cat, making us believe that China has it all.

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