Avatr 11 rakes in 5,000 orders in just over a week

Max McDee, 01 November 2022

Avatr 11 order book was opened on October 22 precisely at 4PM the local time. Just over a week later and the company confirmed it has more than 5,000 orders with locked configurations and reserved production slots for deliveries in December.

That’s really good news for Avatr, with the lower priced versions starting at RMB 449,900 and RMB 369,900 respectively. The more expensive version that starts at RMB 409,900 will begin deliveries early next year. None of Avatr models qualifies for the EV subsidies since all of them are priced over the RMB 300,000 threshold.

Avatr 11 brings 5,000 orders in just over a week

The company has confirmed that the Avatr 11 will be sold at Huawei’s flagship stores in Beijing and Shenzhen. Its own sales network has 60 showrooms, 70 distributors and over 150 partner stores across China.

The Avatr 11 is not the cheapest vehicle in the market, but clearly the demand for isn't lacking. Huawei and CATL are major backers of the brand after Nio’s stock was diluted and the company withdrew its interest. Huawei provides the powertrain and the Harmony OS with ADAS, while the CATL is responsible for the battery.

Avatr 11 brings 5,000 orders in just over a week

All versions of Avatr 11 come with dual-motor AWD setup with 570hp (425kW) and 650Nm of torque. The models with a smaller battery pack deliver 555km of CLTS certified range and accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds. The long-range version offers 680 km of CLTC certified range and due to its heavier battery pack, it sprints in 4.5 seconds to 100 km/h.



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