BMW iX2 to make world premiere at Japan Mobility Show 2023

Max McDee, 09 October 2023

Amid the neon glow and bustling streets of Tokyo, BMW is ready to pull back the curtain at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show to reveal a trailblazing vision for the future. Touted as a frontrunner, the world debut of the BMW iX2 is bound to electrify conversations.

Once the Tokyo Motor Show, this year’s event will be the backdrop for BMW's compact Sports Activity Coupe (SAC), the BMW X2, and its electric counterpart iX2. While some might argue that the BMW Vision Neue Klasse, which will enjoy its Asian premiere just weeks after debuting in Munich, will steal the limelight, the iX2 is more of a here and now product.

BMW iX2 - World Premiere at Japan Mobility Show 2023

The iX2 will stand alongside an already comprehensive electric lineup – the BMW iX1, BMW i4, the all new BMW i5, BMW iX, the China-only BMW i3 and the grand BMW i7 luxury sedan which we just recently reviewed. Heck, if you are in Tokyo and stroll a little further down the exhibition halls, you'd even spot the just-released BMW i7 M70 xDrive, which flaunts the title of the "most potent all-electric BMW."

What can we expect from the BMW iX2? Well, the brand's keeping mum, with all juicy details set for release on 11 October 2023. But you can bet your last dollar (or yen) that once the details flood in, we’ll be all over them.

BMW iX2 - World Premiere at Japan Mobility Show 2023

Meanwhile the BMW Vision Neue Klasse will give visitors of the show a vision of what lies ahead.

BMW iX2 in Fortnite BMW iX2 in Fortnite

Another interesting car at the floor will be the BMW iX5 Hydrogen. It combines a specially developed high-performance battery with a fuel-cell system, delivering 295 kW/401 hp. And with a fill-up taking just 3-4 minutes for a 504-km (313-mile) range. Once science figures out commercially viable hydrogen refueling, that is.

For those who can’t make it to the Land of the Rising Sun, fear not. The BMW press conference, which will kickstart the Japan Mobility Show 2023, will be available as an on-demand webcast on 25 October 2023 at 8:00 a.m. (CEST).



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