BYD's Yangwang U8 gets off-road ready Master Edition

Max McDee, 25 April 2024

BYD, China's leading electric car behemoth, continues expanding its automotive scene coverage with an off-road-focused version of its most opulent EV yet. The Yangwang U8, from BYD's premium Yangwang brand, has already turned heads with its rugged looks and six-figure price. Now, the Yangwang U8 Off-road Master Edition now arrives at the Beijing Auto Show, promising thrills for even wealthier adventure seekers.

BYD's Yangwang U8 gets off-road ready with Master Edition

So, what's so special about this new mega-truck? It packs some serious hardware aimed at tackling the most challenging trails. The core of it is BYD's proven e⁴ electric drivetrain consisting of four potent electric motors. Together, they churn out more than 1,000 horsepower for blistering performance in any setting. But unlike its Premium Edition sibling, the Off-road Master gets additional cooling to keep the system humming under extreme off-road stress, plus there's a healthy boost in carrying capacity.

The Off-road Master Edition brings increased ground clearance and improved wading depth – up to 55.1 inches for those deep water crossings. Want to really elevate your explorations? Yangwang even offers the option of a built-in drone that gives you a bird's-eye view when the going gets tough.

BYD's Yangwang U8 gets off-road ready with Master Edition

While it excels off the beaten path, the Yangwang U8 Off-road Master Edition won't disappoint luxury lovers. Inside, you'll find all the high-end trappings you'd expect from a vehicle costing a cool $151,000 (RMB 1,098,000). The U8 Master Edition is packed to the brim with lavish appointments and cutting-edge tech that rivals anything from its European competitors.

The Yangwang sub-brand is still quite new; BYD unveiled it in January 2023 to attract buyers seeking extreme luxury and leading-edge electric car tech. The standard Yangwang U8 Premium Edition kicked off sales in September 2023, and BYD has already found over 5,500 adventurous and well-heeled buyers for its flagship SUV.


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