HiPhi A takes on Tesla and Lucid's most powerful EVs

Max McDee, 15 November 2023

China's HiPhi is making waves with its newest offering, dubbed HiPhi A. Now, before we proceed any further, we need to address the electric elephant in the room - the A is the Z. Although the company touts it as a brand-new model, the A is essentially a high-performance version of the HiPhi Z electric sedan. The company claims it is actually a hypercar and looking at the specification, we begin to understand why it’s no longer called the Z.

China's answer to Tesla and Lucid's dominance - HiPhi A

The HiPhi A emerges as a direct challenger to established names like Tesla Model S Plaid, Lucid Air Sapphire, or the Zeekr 001 FR.

Powering the HiPhi A is a tri-motor setup - akin to the Lucid Air Sapphire - comprising one motor on the front axle and two at the rear. This configuration enables the vehicle to unleash a formidable 1,287 horsepower. It translates into a blistering acceleration, propelling the HiPhi A from 0 to 62 mph in just over two seconds. Its top speed? A heart-stopping 186 mph.

China's answer to Tesla and Lucid's dominance - HiPhi A

But it's not just about raw speed. The HiPhi A is the first to feature the company's in-house-developed battery pack and motors. These motors are a technological marvel, boasting carbon fiber rotors and advanced cooling technologies, ensuring sustained high power output.

However, HiPhi remains tight-lipped about the A's battery size. What we do know is the battery pack's staggering peak discharge capability of 1.5 MW. The HiPhi Z claims 345 miles WLTP range, but we are yet to see how long its high-performance sibling can go. The vehicle also touts a carbon fiber undercarriage shield and a fireproof carbon fiber cover for the battery pack, adding durability to its list of attributes.

The HiPhi A promises an exhilarating driving experience, courtesy of its active rear-axle steering, torque vectoring, and continuously variable damping. The company promises a near 50:50 front-to-rear weight ratio, boosting its agility and balance.

The HiPhi A has a bold design to match its outrageous performance. The liftback silhouette, combined with modern forged carbon fiber elements, results in an aggressive aesthetic. The aggressive wide front fenders, the oversized rear wing, the wheels that fill the wheel arches with no room to spare - this is not a sleeper. The interior continues this theme, featuring aircraft-grade TC4 aluminum alloy and a minimalist dashboard with multiple digital displays and every exposed part crafted out of carbon fiber.

According to David Ding, founder and CEO of HiPhi, the top hypercars of this new era "should represent the pinnacle of innovative technology while still paying tribute to the classics."

Set to debut publicly at the Guangzhou Auto Show on November 17, the HiPhi A is slated for limited production starting in the first quarter of 2025. Its arrival may not cause Tesla and Lucid to lose sleep, but it is always good to have more competition.


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Great design and technology ! Science fiction and that's what many want that makes most historical brands look old-fashioned



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