Range - definition


Range refers, put simply, to how far you can expect to travel on one charge. There are multiple testing procedures globally, most notably WLTP, the EPA in the US, and the Chinese cycle. We provide WLTP and EPA numbers when available. Note that these will necessarily vary, with WLTP usually coming out as the more optimistic testing cycle. The varying numbers for the same EV model are explained by the different testing procedures that these organizations use.

While it's probably not wise to take any WLTP or EPA range numbers as gospel, they can serve as a very rough estimate of what to expect in real world conditions, but they are most useful when comparing different models. If car A has 300km WLTP range and car B has 370km WLTP range, even if you won't get to drive for 300 or 370km in those vehicles, you can tell that car B should last longer on one charge than car A.