Hyundai has sold 262,000 Ioniq 5 EVs so far

Vlad, 25 March 2024

Hyundai's Ioniq 5 sales have reached over 262,000 across 24 countries from its launch and until last month, the Korean car maker announced today. The numbers are on a wholesale basis (so not shipped to consumers but to dealers), and include the Ioniq 5 N. The Ioniq 5 was launched in February 2021, and was Hyundai's first car built on top of its E-GMP dedicated EV platform.

Interestingly, its home of South Korea is tied with the US for most Ioniq 5 sales so far - the former boasting 66,938, the latter 66,481. Coming in third is Germany with 33,731, followed by the UK, Canada, Norway, and Indonesia. At the other end of the chart, Hyundai has only sold 921 Ioniq 5 EVs in Japan and 966 in Taiwan.

Hyundai has sold 262,000 Ioniq 5 EVs so far

Hyundai followed up the Ioniq 5 with the Ioniq 6, though it hasn't published sales numbers for that one so far, and is slated to introduce the Ioniq 9 soon. The Ioniq 5 has received a performance N version recently, and could get a more rugged option in the US and Europe by the end of this year.


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news just released a recall for all hyundi EVs due to charger fault, this part will not being replaced in all , some will be softweare limited and no longer fast charge

  • Kipiq

Eagerly waiting for Ioniq 3 and 4



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