Tesla's own website leaks Model 3 Performance specs

Max McDee, 18 April 2024

The anticipated Performance version of its refreshed Model 3 is seemingly just around the corner. While Tesla has been characteristically tight-lipped, a leak from its own website has revealed some key details early. Fans combed through the source code on Tesla's UK website and uncovered details about the updated performance model that promises more power and some design changes.

The code reveals Tesla will be hyping the new Model 3 Performance as the most powerful yet, thanks to its "all-new high-performance drive units." While no specific figures are mentioned the page mentions "output exceeding 500 horsepower".

The leak also confirms another long-suspected upgrade - adaptive suspension. Tesla's in-house software will control this new system, promising to alternate between comfortable ride and sharp handling as needed. Tesla promises improved responsiveness with the latest generation of driving mode software, which will integrate suspension controls and a tweaked powertrain. Version 3 of its Track Mode software is also on board. It allows drivers to fine-tune settings like handling balance, stability controls, and even regenerative braking.

Beyond the mechanics, the Performance model will boast a range of tweaks to both performance and appearance. Improved braking performance, likely due to upgraded components, should allow for more consistent stops at any speed. Redesigned lightweight, staggered wheels promise improved handling and aerodynamics. Exterior changes include new front and rear bumpers, a rear diffuser, and a carbon fiber spoiler for a sportier look and enhanced stability at speed.

The interior hasn't been overlooked, either. The new seats with beefier bolsters will keep you in place on those spirited drives, complete with ventilation for comfort. Carbon fiber trim adds a touch of sportiness to the refreshed cabin.

While no official word on pricing or availability has leaked, the clues are piling up. Multiple pre-production cars have been spotted, signaling an impending launch. With Tesla's history of surprise announcements, potential customers won't have to wait too long to get their hands on this updated machine.

Unofficial reports suggest a potential 0-60 mph time of 2.9 seconds, significantly improving over the previous model's 3.5 seconds. Power comes from a new front motor rated at 201 horsepower plus an updated 406-horsepower rear motor.



Reader comments

a 500hp car is expected to deliver 12sec 0-200kph and 300kph top speed but, there are no info for these figures. previous model was very slow to get 200kph in 16sec and crippled at 260kph tops. bmw 340i is allround faster with 140hp less power.



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