Pre-orders for Wuling's first global car are open, it's a small city car

Ro, 04 December 2022

The Wuling has opened pre-orders for its first global car - Air ev. Developed by General Motors, SAIC and Wuling's joint venture the car is now up for blind pre-orders in China. Customers can place a CNY 1,000 deposit and get a 4,000 discount on their order. The interesting bit about this small city car is that it's going to be available outside of China too, more specifically, Indonesia.

The Wuling Air ev is based on the company's Global Small Electric Vehicle (GSEV) platform and the Indonesian customers will get their units from Wuling's local factory in Cikarang.

Wuling Air ev Wuling Air ev Wuling Air ev
Wuling Air ev

The car comes in two main configurations - a 2-seater and a 4-seater. Of course, the latter is slightly longer and heavier at 860 kg, while the 2-seat variant tips the scale at just 760 kg. Battery range is estimated to be 300 km (according to the very optimistic CLTC), although we don't know if this is for the big or small option.

There's a difference in the motor configuration, though - the 2-seater gets a 30kW (40hp) one, while the 4-seater gets a more powerful 50kW (68hp) motor. The battery is based on lithium-iron-phosphate chemistry, can provide enough output for 100 km/h maximum speed, and supports fast DC charging. A 45-minute charge will get you from 30% to 80%.

Wuling Air ev Wuling Air ev
Wuling Air ev

The interior seems pretty decent too. It's fitted with a dual 10.25-inch screens, while the infotainment system runs on Wuling's Ling OS. The company even developed a mobile app that grants you remote control over things like air conditioning.

The final price is yet unknown, but previous reports suggest that the base 2-seater will start at CNY 55,000 ($7,900) while the 4-seat iteration will begin at just CNY 65,000 ($9.350).

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  • Anonymous

Also add this car in db (the International version)

  • Anonymous

This car already sold in Indonesia by the name of Wuling Air EV. 238 million IDR for the standard range, and 295 million IDR for the long range (extra 16 million for the charging pile).

Small??? This probably will have no space for a tesco 20 eur shopping.



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