SAIC says its first EV with solid-state battery will hit the streets in 2025

Ro, 23 May 2023

According to a Chinese news outlet, SAIC, which is the largest car manufacturer in the country, plans to roll out its first vehicle powered by a solid-state battery as early as 2025. The company has been working closely with QingTao Energy Development since July last year and it appears that the joint efforts are paying off.

SAIC Kun concpet SAIC Kun concpet

Unfortunately, SAIC didn't reveal any details regarding the battery's capacity, energy density or any specs for that matter. But back in July, the carmaker said that it is trying to mass produce a solid-state battery with at least 1,000 km of range and 4C fast-charging tech. That means that the battery can be fully charged within 15 minutes.

Although solid-state batteries aren't a thing yet, news about the new tech are becoming more and more frequent. Xiaomi boasted a breakthrough a few months ago, QuantumScape is already testing a working prototype and Samsung is making progress as well.

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