Apple Car project Senior Manager leaves for Rivian

Max McDee, 10 October 2022

The Apple car development program, often referred to as the Titan Project, is going through some serious changes. The company is reassembling the team after being on the verge of axing the project and now the highly anticipated electric car is back on track. Many new faces will be joining the project, but today we learn some are actually leaving.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman claims Apple has lost Jonathan Sive who was responsible for vehicle design and hardware engineering. Sive was s senior manager at Apple and before he worked at BMW, Tesla and Waymo.

Despite that setback, work continues on Project Titan. Apple is constantly adding new members to the team and it is nothing unusual to see members of staff leave the company. Although it may seem that Apple is struggling to hold on to its senior managers, the nature of the electric car market means the demand for highly skilled engineers and managers is sky-high and competitors offer huge rewards to ensure they get the best talent.

Shares of Rivian are sinking today Shares of Rivian are sinking today

Apple lost this time and Rivian gained - Sive has confirmed he will be working with the electric truck manufacturer on vehicle layout and ergonomics of future Rivian models. He is the new VP of Vehicle Architecture and Mechanical Integration.

Rivian itself hit stormy waters, issuing a recall for all of its vehicles that were manufactured so far. Nearly 13,000 electric trucks and Amazon vans will have to be inspected for a possible issue related to the front suspension and steering system. It’s a tough day on the markets today, the majority of automotive shares are falling but Rivian is leading the way with a 10 percent fall so far.



Reader comments

That is actually a good idea, how to doom the whole project. German VW and European car companies in general are not doing so hot for quite a while, it would make sense to partner with someone who actually knows what they are doing.

  • CarLover

I feel that apple should hire engineers from German automotive who introduced cars to whole world because their operations are top notch and engineers who worked in German automotive companies can accelerate project titan. Even rivian has tied up wit...

At least someone got some brain and left to somewhere else where they work for people not for vision of more money.



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