Spy images reveal Xiaomi MX11 Coupe SUV

Max McDee, 21 June 2024

The electric vehicle market is about to get even more exciting as Xiaomi prepares to unveil its second electric car. Spy photos have surfaced, revealing a coupe SUV with the internal codename MX11. Expected to rival Tesla's Model Y, this EV is set to follow the highly succesful SU7.

Spy images reveal Xiaomi MX11 Coupe SUV

The leaked images offer the first glimpse of the MX11's design, heavily camouflaged though it may be. The front end exudes a modern aesthetic, featuring integrated headlights reminiscent of the SU7 sedan. Notably, the MX11 sports a LiDAR sensor on its roof, hinting at advanced driver assistance features like Navigate on Pilot (NOA).

The coupe-like roofline extends to the rear, hinting at a sporty character. Design elements like side cameras, yellow brake calipers, five-spoke wheels, and exposed tail lights further echo the design language of the SU7, reinforcing Xiaomi's brand identity.

Spy images reveal Xiaomi MX11 Coupe SUV

While detailed specifications remain under wraps, the MX11 will likely share the SU7's powertrains, suggesting output from 295hp to 673hp.

Xiaomi's entry into the EV market has been met with enthusiasm, as evidenced by the SU7's impressive sales figures. Delivering its 20,000th SU7 in just two and a half months, the company aims to ship 120,000 units by the end of 2024. With the MX11 ready to join the lineup in 2025, Xiaomi is positioning itself as a formidable competitor in the EV race.

Spy images reveal Xiaomi MX11 Coupe SUV

Xiaomi's CEO, Lei Jun, has previously underscored the company's commitment to providing "dream cars" for the masses. The SU7, with its Porsche and McLaren-inspired design, exemplified this philosophy. If the MX11 follows suit, it could be another "flagship killer" that offers high-end features at a more affordable price point. As Xiaomi ramps up its EV production capabilities, the company aims to start production of the MX11 in late 2025, once the second phase of its Beijing assembly plant is complete.



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  • Anonymous

Allergic to originality? What do you even consider original, If you are making such strong claims?

  • gdfgfd

You can tell its a Purosangue rip-off even without all the details. The Chinese can manufacture pretty much everything nowadays but they are still allergic to originality

  • Anonymous

Any "SUV" that is not on ladder frame is called Crossover Utility vehical, ex- KIA EV9, EV5, Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander etc. These coupe CUV is called useless CUV, cant pack things when need for the sloping roof cant even do basic grave...



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