Xiaomi SU7 reaches another milestone - 20,000 deliveries

Ro, 14 June 2024

Xiaomi launched its SU7 all-electric sedan back in March and has since struggled to meet the enormous demand. In fact, according to Xiaomi, demand is five times higher than initially anticipated so deliveries are significantly delayed. Still, the company is doing all it can, rapidly ramping up production and now it announced it already completed 20,000 deliveries.

Xiaomi SU7 reaches another milestone - 20,000 vehicles delivered

With wait times of around 30 weeks and about 35 weeks for the high-end Max version of the SU7, Xiaomi is actively seeking ways to alleviate the pressure and even took the next step last week.

Looking ahead, June deliveries will likely exceed 10,000 units and the company is well on track to deliver 100,000 by the end of the year. Xiaomi believes it can even reach 120,000 deliveries if all goes smoothly - way above its estimates before the announcement.



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  • Anonymous

Everyone rushing to EV and ignoring the unsustainable environmental downside associated with disposal of the batteries. The smarter move would have been hydrogen internal combustion engines but those smart people in government decided to give grants...

  • Anonymous

the only teslas with cheap plastic and poor quality are the ones made in america.

  • Anonymous

lmao more like bots are flooding the internet with anti chinese ev propaganda just like they did during covid. google it.



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