Tesla Gigafactory Berlin expansion halted due to locals' concerns

Ro, 21 February 2024

Tesla has had plans for expansion of its Gigafactory Berlin ever since it first started operations, but it's now facing resistance from the locals. The Grunheide, Brandenburg municipality held a vote and about 70% of all residents took part, following Tesla's submission of its expansion plan.

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin expansion plan
Tesla Gigafactory Berlin expansion plan

The vote didn't go well for Tesla as 3,499 residents voted against the expansion and only 1,882 voted for it. Despite the company adjusting its initial plans, it seems like locals are still not convinced it's a good idea.

The main concerns are related to the water supply as well as deforestation. The planned logistical area requires about 1 square kilometer of forest to be cleared.

Notably, the vote is not binding, but it does make Tesla's plans to expand more difficult. The local authorities would have to take the locals' decision into consideration and Tesla might have to adjust its plans once more.


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  • Arvind J

Really respect Berlin locals for holding Tesla accountable for theirs actions and preventing deforestation & conserving water. Tesla should find a middle ground & a sustainable arrangements to make this work. Sweden also coming through w...



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