Tesla introduces the Model Y Long Range Rear Wheel Drive for Europe

Vlad, 12 April 2024

Today Tesla has introduced a new variation of the world's best selling car to markets in Europe. Meet the Model Y Long Range Rear Wheel Drive (LR RWD). According to the company, this version will give you the maximum range that will let you "commute all week without charging".

It comes with 373 miles WLTP range when equipped with 19" Gemini Wheels, a top speed of 135 mph, and allegedly the "lowest cost per kilometer in the electric SUV market" since its consumption is billed as 14.9 kWh / 62 miles. This model accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 5.9 seconds.

It is available now in Austria, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Poland, Slovenia, Romania, and Hungary. It is indeed the Model Y with the longest quoted range you can buy in these countries.

Pricing is around €48,990, €4,000 more than the non-LR RWD model which has 283 miles of WLTP range. So that's a €4,000 premium you're paying for the extra 90 miles of range, more or less. Delivery time is currently estimated at around 2-4 weeks.

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TBH, It would be something like Dacia Spring. You can't really combine everything you imagine with power, cooling, charging etc. of "big boy" Tesla Y in small battery vehicle ... you need more cells.

  • teslu

Gimme a 200km short range cheaper tesla



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