Tesla opens up more Superchargers to other EV brands in China

Vlad, 28 November 2023

Back in April, Tesla started a pilot program in China whereby it opened up access to its chargers for other EV brands. The initial batch was made up of 10 Supercharger stations and 120 destination charging stations. Things seemingly went well with the pilot, and now the actual rollout is underway.

Today the company announced that more than 350 Supercharger stations as well as more than 260 destination charging stations are already usable by non-Tesla vehicles across mainland China.

Tesla opens up 350 Supercharger stations to other EV brands in China

A total of 38 non-Tesla models from 30 brands can now use all of these in the country. The number of specific models from other brands that are allowed also went up slightly recently.

Popular models like the Nio ES6 and EC6, XPeng P7, Zeekr 001, BYD's Han and Tang, the Hiphi X and Z, Aion LX, and WM Motor EX5 are all included.

Tesla has more than 1,800 Supercharger stations throughout China, comprising of over 11,000 Superchargers, so we're still a very long way from all of them being open to other brands, but progress is being made every week. There are also more than 700 Tesla destination charging stations in China, which offer more than 2,000 charging points.

While all of this is undoubtedly good news for Chinese EV owners, note that non-Tesla vehicles are charged higher rates at Tesla chargers. Tesla says this is because, when you charge a non-Tesla car, there's an added fee that covers the company's investment in supporting more vehicle models, as well as the cost of adapting the stations to fit those vehicles. The rate varies by charging station and the prices can be viewed in the Tesla app.



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