BYD's Q3 report: 824,000 NEVs sold, BEV sales match Tesla

Max McDee, 02 October 2023

BYD wrapped up Q3 with an impressive sale of 824,001 new enegry vehicles of which 431,603 pure electric passenger vehicles. This represents a whopping 52.4% of its total sales for the period. Tesla, in the same stretch, reported 435,059 pure electric car sales. So even if you discount the various EREVs and PHEVs that BYD makes its sales are already matching the American company’s.

Earlier today Tesla reported a 26.5% jump year-on-year, but a dip of 6.7% compared to Q2. On the other hand BYD saw electric vehicle sales rising by 66.9% year-on-year and 22.6% sequentially.

BYD and Tesla BEV sales comparison

Quarter BYD Tesla Difference
Q1 2022 143,223 310,048 166,825
Q2 2022 180,296 254,695 74,399
Q3 2022 258,610 343,830 85,220
Q4 2022 329,011 405,278 76,267
Q1 2023 264,647 422,875 158,228
Q2 2023 352,145 466,140 113,995
Q3 2023 431,603 435,059 3,456

Over the previous six quarters Tesla outsold BYD by over 670,000 pure EVs, even if the Chinese maker sold more electric-driven cars. But at this point even pure EVs are only 3,456 units apart, and if current trajectories hold, BYD might just zoom past Tesla in Q4.

As we get ready for the final quarter of the year, the electric vehicle arena promises a clash of titans. Will BYD continue its surge and overtake Tesla, or will the American powerhouse find a way to stay ahead?



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