Volkswagen ID.7 UK price revealed

Max McDee, 13 November 2023

Volkswagen made a bold move with the introduction of the ID.7, and now the company is setting a high price point in a market that is causing the VW already many headaches. Despite its steep starting price of $68,610 in the UK, the ID.7 brings to the table a mix of innovation and luxury that Volkswagen hopes will justify its cost.

The ID.7's design follows the aerodynamic efficiency seen in the ID. Aero concept, featuring a teardrop shape aimed at maximizing efficiency. The front end of the ID.7 aligns with Volkswagen’s ID. lineup, displaying a small grille and slim LED headlights converging towards the brand's logo. Notably, it sports a hatchback tailgate, preferred by many for its practicality in carrying bulky items.

Volkswagen ID.7 price shocker

In addition, the ID.7 is equipped with flush door handles and could offer aerodynamic alloy wheels up to 22 inches in diameter. The hot ID.7 GTX variant, anticipated to arrive later, adds to the aesthetic with gloss black trim, unique LED lights, and privacy glass as standard.

Inside, the ID.7 debuts Volkswagen's next-gen interior design for electric models. A standout feature is the larger 15-inch infotainment screen, surpassing the 10-inch display in current ID models. The cabin boasts backlit, touch-sensitive climate controls (finally!) and an increase in soft-touch surfaces for a more premium feel. Notably, optional massaging seats with 10 adjustable air cushions and a new adaptive climate control system add a touch of luxury and practicality. The GTX variant further differentiates itself with unique red stitching and piping on the seats.

Volkswagen ID.7 price shocker

The ID.7’s length, measuring 194.49 inches, allows for a larger battery, significantly increasing its range. The larger-battery models promise a remarkable 430 miles range, powered by an 82kWh battery. Initially, the ID.7 Pro Launch Edition will feature a 77kWh battery, offering a range of up to 382 miles.

Charging capabilities are robust, with DC charge speeds up to 175 kW for the Pro Launch Edition and up to 200 kW for the larger battery model, facilitating a 10-80% charge in about 30 minutes at compatible public chargers. The introductory model uses a 282 hp electric motor, making it the most potent in Volkswagen's ID. series.

The future GTX model is expected to boast a dual-motor electric powertrain with around 335 hp, targeting a 0-62mph time of about five seconds, thanks to its all-wheel drive.

Volkswagen ID.7 price shocker

Priced from $68,610 in the UK, the ID.7 sits above its rivals, such as the Tesla Model 3 and Hyundai Ioniq 6. Volkswagen attempts to sweeten the deal by offering perks like a free Ohme home wallbox charger or $926 in charging credit from We Charge, along with a $3,700 deposit contribution towards a 4.9% PCP finance plan for orders placed before January 2, 2024.

Volkswagen’s ID.7, with its premium pricing, aims to set a new benchmark in the EV segment. Its combination of design, technology, comfort, and performance targets a segment of buyers willing to pay a premium for a superior electric driving experience. However, the question remains whether these features and the brand's reputation will be enough to justify its high price in a market teeming with more affordable options.

Volkswagen ID.7 price shocker

Let’s put the ID.7 new price into perspective - in the EU the same launch model with the same 77 kWh battery pack starts at just a smidgen under $61,200 making the UK version nearly $7,500 more expensive. The ID.7 - thanks to its dimensions - is as large as the Tesla Model S and that partially may explain VW’s ambitious pricing. On the other hand, top-of-the-range but 24 cm shorter Model 3 with its 498 hp and 77 kWh goes for $59,200 in Germany and $61,720 in the UK.

With VW crying wolf about the EV market slump, despite sales of EVs inching higher every day, the company decided to price its latest stab at the electric vehicle revolution at a level that raises eyebrows and questions alike. With the competition from new Chinese automakers entering the EU market, and eventually heading to the US, does VW know what it’s doing? With the launch model starting at this price level, we are looking at an $86,000 GTX version and that’s a lot of money for Volkswagen - electric or not.


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