VW will add three new electric SUVs to its ID family

Max McDee, 02 May 2023

Volkswagen is accelerating its EV transition plans and expanding its ID family of electric cars. The company plans to add 3 new electric SUVs to the current lineup and at the same time, the existing models will get the updated more powerful powertrains and from next year - a facelift with an updated interior.

The first of the three new models will be an electric equivalent of the ever-so-popular VW Tiguan. Although it will be based mainly on the VW ID.4 it will look nothing like the ID family - it will be a more traditional-looking SUV. The company wants to appeal to current VW buyers with more traditional requirements.

According to Autocar this is what the electric Tiguan may look like According to Autocar this is what the electric Tiguan may look like

The car will be offered both in RWD and AWD setups and will be available as a 5-seater and 7-seater as well. The updated MEB+ platform will provide the basis for the new powertrains and - hopefully - better and bigger battery options. That’s when the new unified battery cell technology comes into play. VW plans to launch it sometime in 2025 and that’s when we’ll see the new SUV.

The plans for electric Tiguan are very advanced, the company already confirmed it will be manufactured alongside the updated ID.3 in Germany. The Wolfsburg factory is in the midst of a €460 million upgrade and it will be ready for the 2025 production launch.

After the electric Tiguan goes on sale, VW will focus on yet another of its bestsellers. The T-Cross will get an EV revamp and will be introduced alongside the cheapest Skoda SUV and Cupra Urban Rebel. The car will be mostly based on the ID.2all Volkswagen just announced and will be the cheapest electric SUV available from VW. To signify its ID.2all connection, the new entry-level crossover will be called ID.2X according to sources.

VW ID.2X will be a crossover built on the VW ID.2 - courtesy of Autocar VW ID.2X will be a crossover built on the VW ID.2 - courtesy of Autocar

Although a crossover wanna-be SUV, the ID.2X will only have one electric motor powering the front wheels. IT will use the new unified cell battery technology as well and on top of that, it will use the LFP chemistry to keep its price affordable. The ID.2X will be manufactured at the new plant in Barcelona alongside its siblings from Skoda and Cupra and will have a choice of either 38 kWh or 56 kWh batteries with the latter good for at least 280 miles (450 km).

The final new model to join the revised EV lineup will be a premium crossover that VW wants to see as the technological showcase for the new drivetrain. The company is feeling brave and it wants the new car to represent the VW’s software design capabilities as well - we’ll wait to see the outcome before we believe it.

The premium crossover will be slightly smaller than the Touareg and it will be launched in 2028. Unlike the rest of the ID family, this premium member will be based on the SSP platform, the same platform used by Porsche for the upcoming Macan. That suggests the two vehicles will have far more in common and we can expect quite a performance-oriented electric VW.

This could be the VW Trinity SUV This could be the VW Trinity SUV

The company is not giving away any power figures yet but the new EV will use the 800V architecture and apparently will be capable of fast charging beyond 350 kW. There will be bi-directional support as well and of course, the new prismatic cell technology will support both LFP and NMC battery cells. The vehicle apparently has been developed from the Trinity project and it may use that name.

The ambitions are high for the Trinity SUV (or crossover) - VW wants it to have a 435-mile range (700 km) and to offer Level 4 autonomous driving. The software will come from Cariad and this has us worried - given the Cariad track record we prefer to manage our expectations. The sources from VW claim the new crossover SUV can potentially replace the China-only ID.6 and become a global model.

VW ID.6 is the largest electric SUV from the brand but only available in China VW ID.6 is the largest electric SUV from the brand but only available in China

VW ID.6 has been on sale in China since 2021 and is the largest electric SUV from Volkswagen on sale - at nearly 4.9 meters in length is only 5 cm shorter than the ID.7 and at 302 hp it is the most powerful electric SUV from the brand.



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