Xiaomi SU7 hits the ground running - over 7,000 cars delivered in April

Max McDee, 01 May 2024

Xiaomi is proving it's a serious player in the electric vehicle market with the early success of its first model, the SU7. In its first month of sales, the company delivered an impressive 7,058 SU7 models to its first customers, setting a solid pace for its ambitious production goals.

The automaker's original production target of 10,000 units per month by June has already been achieved, with locked-in orders exceeding 88,000 and climbing. This rapid success highlights an apparent demand for well-designed electric vehicles at accessible prices, where Xiaomi seems to have found a sweet spot.

Xiaomi SU7 hits the ground running - over 7,000 cars delivered in April

With its sleek sedan design and a range of trims to suit different needs, the SU7 is poised to shake up the market. The standard model comes equipped with a generous driving range and a powerful motor, while the Pro and Max versions offer even greater luxury and performance.

The impressive sales numbers of the SU7 are backed by the company's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Beijing. Xiaomi has invested heavily in a sprawling 720,000 square meter factory that initially boasts an annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles. To match the growing demand, the company aims to expand the factory further, targeting a total capacity of 300,000 vehicles per year in the near future.

The Xiaomi SU7's early delivery success is just a glimpse of its potential. As production ramps up, we can likely expect even more of these eye-catching electric sedans to hit the roads soon.



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xiaomi has expertise on consumer electronics. I would not trust a car made by them.

  • Anonymous

i will never buy a chinese car. i don't wanna die in a fire

Yeah, but there are no real review on Youtube at this moment. Depends on what your definition of a review is, but I honestly did not see one video that was worthy of my time, or I would consider as helpful in terms of information value.



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