Zeekr 007's autonomous parking tech beat most human drivers in test

Max McDee, 09 May 2024

In a recent head-to-head, Zeekr pitted its new Zeekr 007 sedan's advanced parking system against flesh-and-blood drivers in a parking space showdown. The contest centered on navigating an especially tight space, just like the ones found in vertical car stacking systems popular in Asia. Surprisingly, the 007's automated tech reigned supreme, demonstrating impressive accuracy and consistency.

The parking space was just 81.1 inches wide – a snug fit for the 74.8 inches wide Zeekr 007. Adding to the challenge were slopes and channels that required precise wheel placement.

Zeekr 007 Zeekr 007

Zeekr's smart tech is bolstered by cutting-edge features like its bird' s-eye view (BEV) system, designed to handle these unique parking obstacles. The system also automatically retracts the car's side-view mirrors during the parking maneuver—a thoughtful detail.

Although a human driver managed to snag the fastest time, the Zeekr 007 showcased impressive consistency. The AI parking technology delivered a 100% success rate compared to the drivers' less reliable 66.7%. While individual drivers occasionally parked faster, the AI-powered 007 maintained a steadier average time. Notably, the slowest recorded time belonged to a human driver.

Zeekr 007 parking tech beat most human drivers in test

The 007's automated parking system really shined when it came to center the car in tight space, something drivers only managed 38% of the time. This precision parking is crucial, especially in compact garages where every inch counts.

This parking demonstration was performed to highlight Zeekr's recent OS 6.1, a software update for the Zeekr 007. Beyond tackling mechanical parking spaces, Zeekr claims its self-parking system can handle a variety of parking scenarios with industry-leading speed and versatility, clocking average times of just 36 seconds.

Zeekr 007 interior Zeekr 007 interior

While drivers may still have the edge in pure speed under perfect conditions, automated parking systems are rapidly improving. The Zeekr 007's impressive performance shows how close self-parking tech is to surpassing human abilities in many routine parking situations. If precision and consistency are your priority, and you hate the stress of squeezing into tight spaces, smart parking features might just be your next garage companion.

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