Zeekr Mix debuts, pioneering the SEA-M platform

Max McDee, 26 April 2024

Zeekr, Geely's premium EV branch, has officially unveiled the Zeekr Mix. Debuting at the 2024 Beijing auto show, the Mix is built on a brand-new SEA-M platform and promises a spacious, futuristic driving experience.

Zeekr spent over $970 million developing the SEA-M architecture, prioritizing a roomy interior. Unlike traditional car designs, the Mix features a capsule shape with a flat floor to boost cabin space. The Mix boasts a turning radius of under five meters, which is impressive, considering the car is 185 inches long and with a generous 118 inches wheelbase.

Zeekr Mix rethinks electric car design

The Zeekr Mix comes with a powerful 310 kW electric motor, ensuring brisk acceleration – perfect for merging seamlessly onto highways or zipping through city streets. The 86 kWh NMC battery pack should deliver a decent range, although we got no exact number, and Zeekr claims a top speed of 112 mph.

The SEA-M design is incredibly versatile. This flexible platform can potentially support various vehicles, including passenger vans, robotaxis, and even small trucks.

The front seats electrically rotate 270 degrees, swiveling around to face passengers or transforming the cabin into a mobile meeting space.

Zeekr Mix rethinks electric car design

The Mix's exterior follows what Zeekr calls "Hidden Energy" design concept, with ang LED panel dubbed the "ZEEKR STARGATE." Imagine a 90-inch screen composed of thousands of powerful LED lights—that's the kind of high-tech flair Zeekr is known for. There is a panoramic sunroof with a froloating roof effect and sleek, handle-less doors to enhance the futuristic looks.

On the driving side Zeekr Mix allows for variable steering ratios thanks to the "steer-by-wire" technology. It essentially means the car can adjust how much you turn the wheel in proportion to how much the tires turn.

You can expect 19-inch wheels as standard (and optional 20-inch ones) and cameras on the fenders for those tight parking spots. An optional LiDAR system enables advanced driver assistance features .


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