BMW's EV M Series will employ a quad-motor powertrain

Ro, 30 May 2024

In a recent interview for the BMW Blog, the BMW M Series boss Franciscus van Meel revealed a couple of exciting details regarding the company's future fully electric M vehicles. He said that the carmaker has been working on M Series-exclusive technologies for a while now.

BMW's EV M Series will employ a quad-motor powertrain

The team behind the M Series EVs will focus on the feel and power more than anything else. We should be looking forward to a quad-motor electric powertrain coupled with an advanced chassis control system that will deliver power exactly where needed to improve handling and performance. After all, having four motors means you can adjust all four wheels in real time.

And instead of designing special soundtracks to bring that ICE feel, the team will try to bring the same emotion through feedback and control. One might say Franciscus van Meel is throwing shade at the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N and its custom sounds and vibration feedback .

Additionally, the upcoming BMW M EVs will offer linear power delivery to retain one of the M cars' core characteristics and will avoid shoving occupants' heads back when accelerating. That's something current performance EVs are known for.

Unfortunately, the executive didn't mention anything about a release timeframe, but he did say the Neue Klasse EV platform was developed with the M Series in mind.



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