Hyundai Ioniq 9 spotted testing in the US

Max McDee, 29 May 2024

Hyundai is getting ready to expand its electric vehicle lineup with the Ioniq 9, and the three-row SUV was again spotted testing on American roads. The Ioniq 9 promises to be a formidable contender in the growing electric SUV market.

Hyundai's EV sales have soared in the first quarter of this year, driven by the popularity of models like the Ioniq 5 and Kona Electric. The company is determined to maintain this momentum and sees the Ioniq 9 as a critical player in its strategy. As Randy Parker, Hyundai Motor America CEO, affirmed in an interview, "It's definitely coming."

The latest video from Kindel Auto offers a glimpse of the Ioniq 9's imposing size and distinctive design. Signature pixelated LED headlights, similar to those on the Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6, are clearly visible, along with stacked LED taillights. The video also reveals a boxy silhouette that hints at a spacious interior.

Reports suggest that the Ioniq 9 may surpass the Kia EV9 in size. Having been spotted alongside the EV9 before, the Ioniq 9 appeared slightly larger. This could mean even more legroom than the EV9's impressive 42.8 inches.

Hyundai Ioniq Seven concept car Hyundai Ioniq Seven concept car

The Ioniq 9 will be manufactured at Hyundai's new $7.6 billion EV factory in Georgia. This will ensure that the SUV will qualify for the $7,500 US federal tax credit, further enhancing its appeal to budget-conscious consumers.

With the Ioniq 9, Hyundai aims to solidify its position in the electric vehicle market. The SUV is expected to compete with other three-row electric models like the Rivian R1S, Kia EV9, and Volvo EX90. Although Hyundai has not yet revealed official specifications or a release date, the Ioniq 9 is shaping to be the one to watch in the electric SUV segment.


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