Tesla Cybertruck - latest photo leak leaves no secrets

Max McDee, 23 November 2023

In a matter of days, Tesla enthusiasts and electric vehicle aficionados alike will finally get to witness the production version of the highly-anticipated Cybertruck, four years after its initial prototype unveiling. As the countdown to November 30 ticks away, the internet is buzzing with leaked photos that offer a glimpse inside and out of this futuristic EV pickup.

The latest set of images, which seem almost too professional to be unofficial, has surfaced online, providing a closer look at the Cybertruck's interior.

Posted on X by @ya78756632 and originally uploaded on Weibo by user xiaohongshu, these images showcase the Cybertruck's white-trimmed dashboard, complete with an ample touchscreen, a distinctive squaricle steering wheel, a massive center console, sporty seats, and a sleek glass roof. It's certainly a departure from the conventional designs we're used to seeing in pickup trucks, but the lack of a driver's display might spark some outrage.

A close-up of the touchscreen display reveals a menu with control tiles for features like the tonneau cover, suspension settings, steering and mirrors adjustment, headlights, child lock, window lock, sentry mode, and even a car wash mode. The front seats, with their generous side bolstering and perforated upholstery, suggest that they're ventilated and heated.

Another shot gives us a glimpse of the frunk, though it's apparent that it won't match the cargo-hauling capacity of competitors like the Ford F-150 Lightning. A close-up shot zooms in on the triangular side mirror cap and the huge windshield wiper, showcasing attention to detail.

Notably, the leaked images also include a view of the Cybertruck in action from the front.

But the excitement doesn't stop with the leaked images. Tesla has provided further insights into the Cybertruck's capabilities with advertising posters displayed at its showrooms. According to these posters, the Cybertruck boasts a towing capacity of 11,000 lb and an impressive payload of 2,500 lb. While it's unclear which specific battery-motor configuration these numbers correspond to, they clearly demonstrate that the Cybertruck means business in the pickup truck world, outclassing its electric competitors in payload capacity and matching the Rivian R1T in towing capacity.

Additionally, Tesla touts that the Cybertruck's bed is made from an ultra-tough sheet molding composite (SMC), the glass is shatter-resistant, and the truck sports an ultra-hard stainless-steel exoskeleton, earning it the title of "the world's toughest truck." We'll have to wait for it to do a few million miles on actual roads before we can confirm if it's true.

As we eagerly await November 30, when Tesla will officially start delivering the first Cybertrucks to customers, there's no doubt that this electric pickup is set to redefine the market.


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  • non-circular

Harder to let a non-circular steering wheel glide through one's hands coming out of a turn. Hoping this and other bent steering wheels are optional.



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