BYD Yangwang U9's interior revealed

Max McDee, 20 February 2024

Chinese auto giant BYD has been grabbing headlines with its premium EV sub-brand, Yangwang. It all started with the tank-like U8 SUV, boasting wild claims of amphibious capabilities. The second car is arguably even more exciting – the U9 supercar. This sleek machine promises blistering performance combined with futuristic tech and is about to be officially unveiled in just a few days.

The BYD Yangwang U9 reveals its interior

No surprise then that the final missing piece of the U9 puzzle made its appearance on the internet - the interior. Many are underwhelmed, particularly considering its expected million-yuan price tag (roughly $145,000). Critics find the dashboard bordering on cheap. While this is just pre-launch chatter, it hints at a potentially crucial misstep for BYD.

So what is the issue then? The first photos released on Weibo show the futuristic interior of the U9, but the screens look decidedly dated. The Yangwang U9 is all about performance and the future, while the 3 screens - one for the driver and passenger each plus one center screen - look like add-on tablets from Alibaba’s unsold stock back from 2010.

Driver and passenger displays Driver and passenger displays
Driver and passenger displays

It is almost as if Yangwang’s engineers forgot about the screens, and only realized they were missing as the car was about to be unveiled, and grabbed whatever they had lying around. We are talking huge bezels, unimpressive graphics, and washed-out colors. Ouch.

The Yangwang U9 certainly wants for nothing in the power department. Four electric motors, one at each wheel, pump out a combined 1,287 horsepower. BYD claims a hair-raising 0-62 mph sprint in under two seconds and top speed limited to 186 mph. These specs thrust the U9 into contention with top-tier electric hypercars and supercars – if BYD can truly deliver on these promises.

On top of its outlandish performance claims, Yangwang U9 comes with a party trick of questionable real-world use. Its 'DiSus-X' suspension system for this quirky feat - it can dance. Literally - it can lift each of its wheels independently, it can jump and it can do “tank-turns” if required. But gimmick or not, this car clearly has some serious engineering clout under the hood.

Interestingly, the BYD Yangwang U9 carries the alternate name 'Ultimat9' in China. Perhaps this hints at more than just outrageous performance. Chinese consumers may well resonate with a name implying power and exclusivity, though Western sensibilities might see it as somewhat boastful.

The BYD Yangwang U9 reveals its interior

The U9 is a sizable car (nearly 5 meters long and over 2 meters wide). Hefty size means a somewhat hefty curb weight of around 5,456 lb. BYD's signature Blade battery is the likely power source here, as with other models across the brand.

It's far too early to pass judgment on the BYD YangWang U9. It could prove a legitimate marvel of tech or turn out to be an overhyped and overpriced curiosity. BYD certainly isn't afraid to break the mold, but whether that gamble will pay off is yet to be determined.


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