BYD's 1,305 HP YangWang U9 electric supercar details revealed

Max McDee, 10 December 2023

BYD has recently applied for the sales license of the YangWang U9, its first electric sports car. Judging by the official filing from MIIT, the U9 is set to make serious waves in the automotive world. With a jaw-dropping power output of 960 kW (1,305 hp) and a range of impressive features, the U9 is ready to challenge the status quo of EV performance.

BYD's YangWang brand, launched at the start of 2023, has been turning heads with its commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric mobility. While the YangWang U8, an EREV SUV with tank-turn and floating capabilities, already made auto enthusiasts sit up and pay attention, the YangWang U9 takes things up a notch.

BYD's 1,305 HP YangWang U9 electric supercar details revealed

The YangWang U9 is a two-door electric supercar that has made appearances at domestic Auto Shows, sparking a lot of curiosity and anticipation. However, it wasn't until recently that BYD unveiled the full specs and features of this electrifying coupe, and - surprisingly - it's even more powerful than anyone could have imagined.

Measuring in at 195.5 inches/79.9 inches/51 inches, with a wheelbase of 114.2 inches, the U9's dimensions put it in line with prestigious models like the BMW i5. Such a substantial size was necessary to accommodate the sizable 100 kWh battery pack and four electric motors that power this beast. For those seeking a touch of aerodynamic flair, there's even an optional fixed-in-place carbon fiber rear spoiler that doesn't compromise the car's length or width.

BYD's 1,305 HP YangWang U9 electric supercar details revealed

With approach and departure angles of 10 and 15 degrees, the U9 isn't exactly designed for every day road trips. The addition of a sporty rear diffuser brings the departure angle to 12 degrees, making it clear that this car is built for performance, not practicality. Its front track is wider than the rear, measuring at 67.7 inches and 66 inches, respectively, providing enhanced grip and maneuverability through bends. The U9 confidently rides on 275/35 R21 (front) & 325/30 R21 (rear) wheels.

At 5,456 lb, the U9's curb weight is substantial, nearly double that of a Porsche 911 (992). However, the U9 compensates with an unparalleled power output. Built on BYD's e4 platform, it employs four electric motors, each delivering 240 kW. The cumulative result is a staggering 960 kW (1,305 hp) of power.

MIIT file for U9 MIIT file for U9

The YangWang U9 sets itself apart from other Chinese electric vehicles in terms of sheer power, leaving competitors like the HiPhi A, Zeekr 001 FR, and GAC Aion Hyper SSR trailing behind. BYD claims a blistering 0 to 62 mph acceleration time of just 2 seconds, with a top speed limited to 186 mph.

The U9 is powered by a 100 kWh LFP battery pack from FinDreams, a subsidiary of BYD. While initial information touted a 435 miles CLTC range, it's worth noting that the U9's four electric motors can quickly deplete the battery when pushed to its limits on the track.

Further details of U9 from the MIIT Further details of U9 from the MIIT

The YangWang U9 isn't just about raw power; it's a showcase of cutting-edge technology. It comes equipped with the DiSus-X suspension and stabilization system, enabling the car to perform daring feats like driving on three wheels and even jumping. The interior, as revealed in patent images, features a steering yoke, adding to the car's futuristic and sporty appeal.

While the price tag might give some pause - over 1 million yuan (approximately $140,000) - it's clear that the U9 is designed as a statement, both for the company and the potential owners. With the MIIT filing and the sales license in the pocket, BYD will be officially unveiling its fastest and most powerful EV yet very soon.

The YangWang U9 sets a new standard for electric sports cars, there’s no doubt about that. There’s no doubt it’ll outperform many of its competitors and it’ll be interesting to see if BYD lets this tiger out of the domestic market - there are plenty of people around the world who’d love to get their hands on this one.


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2475 Kg is indeed terrible for any car, let alone something that tries to market itself as a sports car. 2,5 tons is unacceptable even for SUV.

"At 2,475 kg, the U9's curb weight is substantial, nearly double that of a Porsche 911 (992). However, the U9 compensates with an unparalleled power output" I don't understand how horsepower compensate terrible handling and b...

  • Standa

I wish they'd hire a decent designer.



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