The MG4 coming to the UK starting at just £26,000

Ro, 08 August 2022

The SAIC Motors-owned MG announced its pricing of the MG4 hatchback for the UK. The car is supposed to arrive sometime in September with a starting price of just £25,995.

the MG4 EV the MG4 EV
The MG4 EV

The car is made in China but it's designed in London. The MG4 is also known as "Mulan" in China and is based on the MSP (Modular Scalable PLatform). The car itself will be offered in three variants for the UK market - Standard Range SE, Long Range SE and EV Trophy. The first one will set you back £25,995 for 350 km maximum range (according to WLTP) thanks to the 51kWh battery and the Long Range model will ask £28,495 for a 64kWh battery and up to 452 km range. The top-tier Trophy option will cost £31,495 and offer 434 km out of the 64kWh battery pack.

The MG4 EV The MG4 EV
The MG4 EV

The latter is rated to have 201 hp and can do 0-100 km/h in just under 8 seconds, but it's limited to just 160 km/h. The extra cash for the top-tier model also gets you advanced driver assistance like lane-keeping, blind spot warning as well as a leather interior and a 10.25-inch infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.



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One objection; we know there is a shortage of driver assistance hardware, which is why it's being restricted to the top tier model. But as I don't need that much range or leather seats, but I do very much want driver assistance (as on both ...


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