Volkswagen promises €20,000 electric car by 2027

Max McDee, 29 May 2024

In a move that could significantly shake up the European electric vehicle market, Volkswagen announced plans to introduce a compact EV priced at approximately €20,000 by 2027. This is a direct response to the growing dominance of Chinese EV manufacturers, who have successfully captured a significant market share with their affordable electric offerings.

Volkswagen's announcement comes at a time when the EV market is experiencing a significant shift. While EVs have gained popularity in recent years, their high price tags have remained a significant barrier for many consumers. In contrast, the Chinese EV market has flourished, primarily due to the availability of low-cost models.

Volkswagen promises affordable €20,000 electric car by 2027

Recognizing the need to compete in this evolving landscape, Volkswagen wants to make EVs more accessible to the average consumer. Thomas Schäfer, CEO of the Volkswagen brand, emphasized the importance of attractive, entry-level vehicles in driving the widespread adoption of electric mobility. He assured consumers that despite the affordable price point, the new models will not compromise on technology, design, quality, or customer experience.

The upcoming €20,000 EV is part of Volkswagen's broader strategy to expand its electric vehicle portfolio. The company has already announced plans for a series of EVs priced around €25,000, including compact cars from VW and Cupra and small SUVs from VW and Skoda. These models are expected to launch as early as the end of 2025.

VW ID.2all SUV VW ID.2all SUV

Currently, Volkswagen's most affordable EV is the ID.3 hatchback, which starts at roughly €40,000 in Europe. Introducing the €20,000 model would significantly lower the entry barrier for potential EV buyers, making electric mobility a viable option for a much wider audience.

While Volkswagen has not released detailed specifications for the €20,000 EV, a shadowy image released by the company suggests a small hatchback design. Whether this model will be available in the US market remains unclear, as Volkswagen has specifically referred to it as "from Europe, for Europe." However, given the growing demand for affordable EVs in the US, it wouldn't be surprising to see Volkswagen eventually bring a similar model stateside.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Understood, so vw promises €27,000 electric car

  • jakai

In other words, VW admits BYD is 3 years ahead of them, if not more.

  • Petr Brok

They promised that the ID.3 will have same price as diesel Golf. So definitely less than what they are asking now.



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