Huawei and Voyah partner up on smart car tech

Max McDee, 22 January 2024

It seems no day passes by without Huawei forging another partnership with a Chinese EV maker. This time the Chinese tech giant is joining forces with Voyah, the EV arm of Dongfeng Motor. The collaboration promises to "deliver unparalleled user experiences" according to the official press.

The two companies will work together on intelligent technologies in the automotive industry. They will co-develop vehicle models across various domains with Huawei's software expertise presumably enhancing Voyah's cars.

Voyah and Huawei partner up

While the details of this collaboration are still shrouded in mystery, one can't help but wonder if Voyah and Huawei might introduce yet another new brand to the already crowded EV market. Given Huawei's track record with car companies so far, a new co-brand would hardly come as a surprise.

Voyah and Huawei partner up

Previously, Huawei and Seres gave birth to the Aito brand that already has the Aito M5, Aito M7, and Aito M9.

On the other hand, when Avatr joined forces with Huawei it chose to utilize the "Huawei Inside" branding for cars with Avatr logo, so nothing is certain.

Voyah and Huawei partner up

Voyah, introduced by Dongfeng in late 2020, has made significant strides in the electric vehicle market. The release of its first model, the Voyah Free, in June 2021, offered both extended-range electric vehicles and all-electric versions. Following its success, Voyah introduced the Dreamer MPV in May 2022. The third model by Voyah, the Zhuiguang sedan, was unveiled in December 2022.



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