Customized Xiaomi SU7 deliveries start, company says demand is 5 times higher than expected

Max McDee, 19 April 2024

Xiaomi's ambitious foray into the cutthroat electric vehicle market is off to a blistering start. The Chinese tech titan has begun delivering the customized versions its first EV model, the SU7 sedan, and ahead of schedule too. Initially the company only delivered the so-called Founder's edition, where you couldn't select the options, but the first customized cars are now being delivered.

This comes as welcome news for eager customers and Xiaomi executives alike – with CEO Lei Jun reporting sales figures three to five times greater than initial projections.

The swift rollout is an encouraging response to overwhelming demand. While an impressive feat for any automaker, it's incredibly encouraging for a company venturing into unfamiliar territory. The early success of the SU7 suggests that Xiaomi's reputation for quality and innovation in the consumer electronics world is translating seamlessly to cars.

Xiaomi SU7 deliveries start as EV demand outstrips expectations

Several factors likely contribute to the Xiaomi SU7's strong start. The electric sedan boasts impressive specifications that rival or exceed many established competitors, and comes at a very competitive price point. Starting at RMB 215,900 (just under $30,000), the SU7 offers cutting-edge features and a sleek, modern design. Hopefully, Xiaomi's commitment to an aggressive rollout means customers won't have to endure lengthy wait times, a significant issue plaguing many EV makers.

The Xiaomi SU7 comes in three distinct variants: Standard, Pro, and Max. The Pro and Max model offers a sizable 101 kWh battery, with the latter also offering blistering acceleration, hitting 62 mph in a mere 2.78 seconds.

Xiaomi SU7 deliveries start as EV demand outstrips expectations

Encouraged by the SU7's success, Xiaomi is bolstering its infrastructure, with plans to expand its network of EV delivery centers to 40 across China by the end of the year. While an SUV model and a more budget-friendly EV are rumored to be on the horizon, Xiaomi is keeping its future product plans under wraps, focusing on maximizing momentum for its current star – the SU7.


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Well, this is not a formula car by any stretch of the imagination, this is the regular car for us, peasants.

  • Anonymous

If it was that simple to make cars we would have 18 RB19s and 2 RB20s racing in F1

TBH, this car being an amalgamation of a lot of parts and body panels we see on existing cars (like Porsche) make it hardly commendable. It looks really good, but I would certainly not celebrate Xiaomi carmakers for ctrl+c and ctrl+v. Can'...



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