Dacia Spring to fix Britain's electric car affordability next year

Max McDee, 09 July 2023

The UK's electric vehicle market is set for a budget-friendly shakeup come 2024, with the Dacia Spring ready to cross the Channel. Already crowned Europe's most affordable new electric vehicle, the Spring is set to bring its reputation for value and functionality to UK shores.

Following its successful European debut in 2021, Dacia Spring recorded an impressive 120,000 customer orders. From city slickers to suburban dwellers, the Spring’s blend of utility, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendly operation appeals to a wide array of drivers. This five-door supermini's track record might suggest it's a welcome addition to the UK's roads.

Soon to be a common sight on UK roads Soon to be a common sight on UK roads

Dacia Spring isn't just about affordability; it's about serving the needs of everyday drivers. The average Spring driver in Europe covers fewer than 20 miles daily at an average speed of 16 mph. With its convenience and simplicity, it's no surprise that the Spring has become the primary transport for the week for 90% of multi-vehicle households that own one.

The Spring’s anticipated price tag of just over $18,500 will make electric driving more accessible for those deterred by the higher costs typically associated with EVs. But the Spring isn’t just about budget-friendly motoring; it’s also about performance, albeit within the bounds of urban utility.

Sure, the Spring’s 44 bhp (33 kW) motor might seem a tad underpowered compared to a conventional vehicle, and the official range of 143 miles may not set any records. Yet, many a satisfied owner of early Renault Zoes or Nissan Leafs will attest that limited-range compromises often prove less significant than first imagined. Given the urban driving patterns of the majority of UK drivers, this 'city runner' might just pack enough punch for their daily needs. Thankfully Spring comes with a more powerful 48 kW electric motor as an option and this model will likely be more popular in the UK.

Dacia Spring to fix Britain's electric car affordability next year

Of course, with cheaper price tags often come compromises. For the Spring, it’s not about speed or long-haul driving but rather efficient, day-to-day, environmentally-friendly commuting. And with charging mainly done at home for an average of 3.5 hours, the Spring can effortlessly integrate into daily routines, ticking boxes for both convenience and sustainability. We have driven the Dacia Spring and you can read the full review right here.

When Dacia Brand Director for the UK, Luke Broad, exclaimed that the Spring will "plug a gap" in the UK EV market, he wasn't simply making a pun on its charging capabilities. With over a decade of successful no-frills motoring under its belt in the UK, Dacia is poised to take the EV market by storm, delivering a tangible, affordable, and efficient option for those looking to go green. As the Spring model demonstrates, a shift to electric doesn’t have to break the bank or demand significant lifestyle changes.

Dacia Spring to fix Britain's electric car affordability next year

Even as some petrol-powered machines continue to undercut the Spring on price, the clock is ticking on new internal combustion engine sales in the UK. It’s clear that the transition to EVs is no longer a question of 'if', but 'when'. And for many, the arrival of the Dacia Spring might just mark the right time to switch gears towards a more sustainable and affordable driving future.

The Spring's roll-out is indeed a tangible testament to the evolution of the EV landscape. No longer the exclusive playground of luxury brands or the reserve of the environmentally zealous, the EV market is democratizing. Dacia Spring became an unlikely beacon of this shift, leading the charge towards making electric driving an affordable and accessible reality for all.


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