Huawei and Chery reveal their answer to Tesla Model Y - Luxeed S9

Max McDee, 07 June 2024

Huawei and Chery have unveiled their latest creation – the Luxeed S9. This sleek SUV coupe is poised to become a direct competitor to the popular Tesla Model Y, boasting an impressive array of features and technology at a competitive price.

Set to hit the Chinese market in the second half of 2024, the Luxeed S9 is built on Chery's advanced E0X modular architecture, known for its 800V silicon carbide high-voltage battery. It's anticipated that the S9 will share its powertrain with its sibling, the Luxeed S7 sedan, which offers both rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive variants with 288 hp and 489 hp, respectively.

Huawei and Chery reveal their answer to Tesla Model Y - Luxeed S9

Potential buyers will have the choice of three different battery options: LFP (62 kWh), M3P (82 kWh supplied by CATL), and NMC (100 kWh). This flexibility caters to a wide range of driving needs and preferences. The M3P battery pack by CATL is quite an interesting option. Essentially it is an LMFP (lithium-manganese-iron-phosphate) battery but CATL refers to it as "ternary phosphate" since it includes other metallic elements. By doping the lattice structure of the battery in magnesium, zinc and aluminum, charge and discharge capacity is greatly improved while keeping the costs down.

With prices estimated to fall between RMB 300,000 and RMB 400,000 (approximately $41,900 - $55,200), the Luxeed S9 aims to undercut the Tesla Model Y in the Chinese market. This aggressive pricing strategy and the S9's extensive feature set could make it a compelling option for budget-conscious EV enthusiasts.

Huawei's technological prowess is evident in the S9's advanced features. The car comes equipped with Huawei's ADS 3.0 driving assist system, a sophisticated suite of technologies that enhance safety and convenience on the road. Additionally, the S9 features the Xmotion 2.0 body structure, designed to improve handling, sportiness, and overall safety. Inside the cabin, drivers will find a Huawei 2.0 AR-HUD, the latest augmented reality head-up display that projects essential information onto the windshield.

Huawei and Chery reveal their answer to Tesla Model Y - Luxeed S9

The Luxeed S9's exterior design draws inspiration from the Luxeed S7 sedan and Aito M9, incorporating a modern and aerodynamic aesthetic. Thin LED headlights connected by a light strip, a closed front end, and a sloping bonnet line give the car a distinctive and sporty look. Notably, the S9's roof houses a Huawei-made LiDAR sensor, hinting at the vehicle's advanced autonomous driving capabilities.

The Luxeed S9 is a testament to the growing collaboration between traditional automakers and tech giants. This partnership allows for the integration of the latest technology into vehicles, enhancing their functionality and appeal to a broader audience. The Luxeed S9's combination of affordability, performance, and advanced technology, backed by the reputations of both Huawei and Chery, could very well make it a formidable challenger to Tesla's Model Y.


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Well said AI shouldnt be even an option in cars. It always should be responsible the person not AI for a car crash or tragedy.

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teslas are nothing unique. the brand itself is. I support tesla because of Elon, similar to how americans support nike because of michael jordan.



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