Smart 1 2022 -

  • 268hp
    Rear Wheel Drive
  • 66kWh
    Nominal capacity
  • sec
  • 273mi
    WLTP range

Real world range

Announced 2022, April 07
Status Coming soon. Expected release 2023
Base price
Power RWD 268 hp (200 kW)
Torque 252 lb-ft (343 Nm)
Max speed 112 mph (180 km/h)
Capacity 66 kWh total
Tech Nickel, cobalt, manganese
Range 273 mi WLTP
Recuperation Yes
Heat pump
AC Charging Type 2 22 kW, 10-80% in 3 hours
DC Charging CCS 150 kW, 10-80% in 30 min
Type 5 door Hatchback, 5 seats
Dimensions 168.1 x 71.7 x 64.4 in (4270 x 1822 x 1636 mm)
Drag coef. 0.29 Cd
Wheelbase 108.3 in (2750 mm)
Weight EU: 4012 lb unladen, 5004 lb gross
Wheels R19
Trunk EU: 9.6 ft³, 14.5 ft³ max
Frunk 0.5 ft³
Towing No
Center 12.8" touchscreeen
Driver's 9.2"
Head-up 10" (retractable)
Seats Heated front seats
Roof Panoramic glass sunroof, fixed
Parking aids Front and rear sensors, reversing camera, auto parking assist
Connectivity Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
Airbags 7 airbags: front, side, rear, head airbag system
Driving aids Front radar, front/reversing cameras, 12 front/rear sensors. Active lane keeping system, blind spot assist, traffic jam assist, adaptive high beam assist
Self driving
Crash tests NCAP 2022: 5 stars

Charging time Charging curve

Charging curve provided by Fastned.

User opinions and reviews

  • Anonymous

Why is acceleration and some other well published information missing? Like there is no bonkers Brabus version in your database (3.9s 0-100). This makes EV Finder tool useless as you cannot get this car in the results because of missing data.

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